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Explore Adams® Tax Forms Helper® Online

Meet your helper.

Adams Tax Forms Helper Online is a web-based tax filing service that helps you prepare standard business tax forms.

All you need is your favorite search engine and internet access from your Mac or PC.

Adams Tax Forms Helper Online
Big and Small Businesses

For businesses, big and small.

We help businesses of all sizes simplify tax time, from CPA firms to individuals.

Whether you’re running a household with a nanny or a business with 1,000 employees, you can prepare standard business tax forms like a pro.

Welcome to command central.

This speedy little interface helps you build forms. Prepare one, dozens or hundreds at a time.


Importing is easy

Import last-year’s data from Tax Forms Helper Online in 2 clicks.

Or, import from a CSV or Excel file, no matter what program you used in 2017.


Error-proof your transmittals

Roll up function helps you build your 1096 and W-3 summary reports quickly and accurately.

An enhanced summary report lets you view one, multiple or all payers for 2018.

Bye bye, compact disc.

We promise you won’t miss installing tax software on your hard drive each year, wasting precious time and storage space.

Down with downloads & updates

Since we’re web-based, we’re always up to speed. There are no software patches, updates or versions to manage. When you’re ready to log in, we’re ready to work.

Safe and secure

Data saved to a USB or laptop is vulnerable to theft or loss. (And when was the last time you backed up your Mac or PC?)

With cloud-based storage, your tax information is saved with TLS and US government-standard 256-bit AES encryption.

Ready, set, print.

Create professional-looking tax forms with Adams Tax Forms Helper Online and most any modern laser or inkjet printer.

Our Adams Tax Forms Kits give you the online service with forms and envelopes in one convenient bundle.

Get Tax Kits


Prepare Common Tax Forms.

Wage and Tax Statement forms


tax form for the Social Security Administratione-file


Summary transmittal form for the W-2e-file

Miscellaneous Income Forms


form for the IRSe-file


summary transmittal form for 1099e-file

Other Income


for interest incomee-file


for retirement benefits (pensions, annuities or other retirement plans)


for dividends and distributions


Proceeds From Real Estate Transactions

Affordable Care Act Forms


Health Coverage for the ACA


Employer Provided Health Care Offer and Coverage for the ACA

Interest Statements


Mortgage Interest Statement


Tuition Statement

Corrected Wage & Tax Statements


Corrected Wage and Tax Statement


Corrected Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statement

You can e-file your W-2 and W-3 forms to the SSA, e-file your 1099-MISC, 1099-INT and 1096 forms to the IRS, and e-file to select states.

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Consider the many ways to file.

Got your tax forms ready? You have options for filing!

Print and mail your federal and select state returns
Print and mail your recipients and employees
E-file your federal and select state returns
Print and mail your recipients and employees
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E-File your federal and select state returns
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